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Title: 2 stars and a wish sheet Author: Compaq_Owner Created Date: 5/13/2006 5:39:06 PM 2012-02-11 2 stars and a wish 1. Back to AFL Tools 2 stars and a wishFor peer assessment, ask students togive two stars and a wish.Two stars = 2 things that are goodabout the piece of workA wish = something they can improveto make it even better Two Stars and a Wish. 211 likes · 1 talking about this. Early Childhood and Care for growing children! description 2 Stars and a Wish have won many awards such as 2 Oscars (two years running), 3 Brit Awards and 15 Grammy’s. They have performed on X Factor 2015.

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In that spirit, I offer these two stars and a wish as we mourn the loss of  3 Feb 2015 Technique 2: No hands up, except to ask a question. Walk into a Technique 4: Peer feedback—two stars and a wish. Group students into  22 jan 2015 Vi tar ju hjälp av ”two stars and a wish” men vad ska man skriva i stjärnorna och molnen som hjälper kompisarna att utveckla sina berättelser? two  30 Jul 2014 The students reflect on their learning by writing two things that they have learned (stars) and one thing that they would like to know/be able to do (  18 Mar 2013 Tag Archives: 2 stars and a wish. Time, road There were lots of people in the film picture and only 2 people in the book picture!


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Ge korrigerande feedback enskilt. Det måste vara  2 punkts perspektiv. 2 stars and a wish: Det jag tyckte var bra var att jag blev nöjd med bilden.

Two stars and a wish – Hård och Kideborn.

2 stars and a wish

Early Childhood and Care for growing children! Two Stars and a Wish — VII "Two stars and a wish" is a peer-to-peer assessment where the student writes down two positive things (stars) and one thing where there is room for improvement (a wish).I hand this out during student presentations and ask my pupils to fill one out for each of their clas.

2 stars and a wish

The "Wish" (in the form of a star wand) highlights an area that you wish to be a focus for the next les 2) Find and copy one word which means 'permission'. (1 mark) 3) Summarise why ear-piercing under 16 should be banned. (1 mark) 4) Which chain store was in trouble for their approach to ear-piercing? (1 mark) 5) Find and copy a group of words that means 'how people feel'. 2018-08-31 2) Get the singer to write a letter to himself when he was a child. Explain what he is going to miss when he gets older, and what he needs to appreciate now.
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Organisera för systematik. Släpp “Two stars and a wish” och sluta dutta lite här och där i Skolinspektionens observationsschema. Låt förstelärarna tillsammans  När ni är klara skall ni, om ni hinner kommentera Diana Demokratis kommentar – ge kritik med ”2 Stars and a Wish!”. Rubrikerna 2.

Det är ingen progression i de 12 stjärnorna. Bricka.
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Bildanalyserna är skrivna ur en semiotisk modell/Panofskys modell.

It allows teachers to give feedback on student work enabling the child to see where improvement is needed and where   1. Comparing forms of assessment: summative, diagnostic and formative.